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DIN-EN Hygienic fittings
DIN-EN Hygienic fittings play a crucial role in maintaining sanitary conditions in food and beverage processing industries. These fittings comply with the standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), a German organization responsible for defining technical standards across various industries. In the context of food and beverage processing, these standards ensure that the equipment and fittings meet stringent hygiene requirements to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of consumable products.


Key features of DIN Hygienic fittings include:

  • Material: They are typically made from high-quality stainless steel, such as AISI 304 or AISI 316L, which are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Smooth Surface: The fittings have smooth surfaces with minimal crevices or dead spaces where bacteria or contaminants could accumulate. This design feature facilitates thorough cleaning and sanitation.
  • Sealing: DIN Hygienic fittings often incorporate specialized sealing materials, such as silicone or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which are compatible with food-grade applications and provide a secure seal to prevent leaks or ingress of contaminants.
  • Hygienic Design: These fittings are designed with hygiene in mind, incorporating features such as sanitary welds, rounded edges, and easily disassembled components for efficient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compatibility: DIN standards ensure compatibility and interchangeability between different components, allowing for flexibility in system design and assembly.

EN 10357 Tube standard

One of the key EN standards related to hygienic fittings is EN 10357 (formerly DIN11850), which specifies dimensions and tolerances for stainless steel tubes for the food and chemical industries.

EN10357 Series A

(previous DIN11850 R2)

DN Dimensions (mm)
10 13 x 1,5
15 19 x 1,5
20 23 x 1,5
25 29 x 1,5
40 41 x 1,5
50 53 x 1,5
65 70 x 2,0
80 85 x 2,0
100 104 x 2,0
125 129 x 2,0
150 154 x 2,0

Available parts in this 3D CAD library



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01 Butterfly valves welding ends DN25 - DN100
02 Butterfly valves DIN11851 Female x Female DN25 - DN100
03 Butterfly valves DIN11851 Female x Male DN25 - DN100
04 Butterfly valves DIN11851 Male x Welding end DN25 - DN100
05 Butterfly valves DIN11851 Male x Male DN25 - DN100
06 Butterfly valves DIN32676 Tri clamp ferrules DN25 - DN100
07 Pressure gauges BSP bottom connection 1/4" - 1/2"
08 Pressure gauges BSP rear connection 1/4" - 1/2"
09 Temperature gauges bottom connection 1/4" - 1/2"
10 Temperature gauges rear connection 1/4" - 1/2"
11 DIN11852 Welding Y-pieces DN25 - DN100
12 DIN11852 Welding bends 45º DN25 - DN150
13 DIN11851 Male x Welding end bends 45º DN25 - DN100
14 DIN11851 Male x Male bends 45º DN25 - DN100
15 DIN11851 Male x Female bends 45º DN25 - DN100
16 DIN11851 Female x Female bends 45º DN25 - DN100
17 DIN11852 Long welding bends 90º DN10 - DN100
18 DIN11852 Short welding bends 90º DN10 - DN150
19 DIN11851 Male x Welding end bends 90º DN25 - DN100
20 DIN11851 Female x Welding end bends 90º DN25 - DN100
21 DIN11851 Female x Female bends 90º DN25 - DN100
22 DIN11851 Male x Female bends 90º DN25 - DN100
23 DIN11851 Male x Male bends 90º DN25 - DN100
24 DIN11852 Welding bends 180º DN10 - DN100
25 DIN11851 Female x Female bends 180º DN10 - DN100
26 DIN11851 Male x Female bends 180º DN10 - DN100
27 DIN11851 Male x Male bends 180º DN10 - DN100
28 DIN11852 Short outlet welding tees DN15 - DN150
29 DIN11852 Equal welding tees DN10 - DN150
30 DIN11851 Female x Female x Female tees DN10 - DN100
31 DIN11851 Male x Female x Female tees DN10 - DN100
32 DIN11851 Male x Female x Male tees DN10 - DN100
33 DIN11851 Male x Male x Male tees DN10 - DN100
34 DIN11852 Reducing welding tees DN25 - DN100
35 DIN11852 Short outlet reducing welding tees DN25 - DN100
36 DIN11852 Concentric welding reducers DN15 - DN200
37 DIN11851 Female x Female concentric reducers DN25 - DN100
38 DIN11851 Female x Male concentric reducers DN25 - DN100
39 DIN11851 Male x Female concentric reducers DN25 - DN100
40 DIN11852 Eccentric welding reducers DN15 - DN150
41 DIN11851 Female x Female eccentric reducers DN25 - DN100
42 DIN11851 Female x Male eccentric reducers DN25 - DN100
43 DIN11851 Male x Female eccentric reducers DN25 - DN100
44 DIN11851 Male x BSP Female adaptor DN15 - DN100
45 DIN11851 Male x BSP Male adaptor DN15 - DN100
46 DIN11851 Round slotted nuts DN10 - DN150
47 DIN11851 Female end caps DN10 - DN150
48 DIN11851 Long male parts DN10 - DN150
49 DIN11851 Short male parts DN10 - DN100
50 DIN11851 Long liners DN10 - DN150
51 DIN11851 Short liners DN10 - DN100
52 DIN11851 Blanks DN10 - DN100
53 DIN11851 Seals DN10 - DN150
54 DIN11851 Long unions complete DN10 - DN150
55 DIN11851 Short unions complete DN10 - DN100
56 DIN11853 Blind flanges DN10 - DN150
57 DIN11853 Flanges with groove DN10 - DN150
58 DIN11853 Flanges with notch DN10 - DN150
59 DIN11853 Flange seals DN10 - DN150
60 DIN11864 Blind flanges DN15 - DN150
61 DIN11864 Flanges with groove DN15 - DN150
62 DIN11864 Flanges with notch DN15 - DN150
63 DIN11864 Flange seals DN15 - DN150
64 DIN32676 Tri clamp rings DN10 - DN150
65 DIN32676 Tri clamp ferrules DN10 - DN150
66 DIN32676 Tri clamp seal rings DN10 - DN150
67 Long saddle clips for DIN11850-EN10357 tubes DN10 - DN150
68 Short saddle clips for DIN11850-EN10357 tubes DN10 - DN150
69 BSP Female sockets 1/8" - 4"


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