British Standard BS4825 Dairy Fittings 3D CAD files Collections

British Standard BS4825 Dairy Fittings 3D CAD files Collections



The British BS4825 standard


The BS4825 is the British standard for process piping and fittings for dairy, food and other systems where high hygiene requirements are set.

These standards set the specifications for all fittings, such as the material, the maximum roughness and also the dimensions.

Due to the BS4825 standards it is possible to purchase parts from different suppliers; you always get the same part of the same quality.

The BS4825 standards differ from the other standards for hygienic fittings by the wide choice of couplings and the lack of flange connections.


3D CAD Files for download


Here you will find all BS4825 standardized parts as 3D CAD models. They are available in the step (.stp) format, you can open them in almost any 3D solid modeling program and then save them in your native software file format.
This way you can build your own 3D CAD library and fill it with the files you use regularly.



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BS4825 Hygienic Fittings and Valves - 1000 STEP Files

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