Metal Pipe Fittings - European Standard [EN] - 3D CAD Collections

Metal Pipe Fittings - European Standard [EN] - 3D CAD Collections



EN1092-1 Flanges and EN10253-4 pipe fittings




The EN 1092-1 standard establishes the requirements for flanges, including their design, dimensions, and material specifications.

These flanges are intended to connect to pipes and other equipment in the piping system. They are available in different types and pressure classes as per the standard.



The EN 10253-4 standard focuses on the specifications of welded fittings, such as elbows, tees, reducers, and caps. These fittings are used to connect, modify, or terminate pipelines.

They are manufactured according to the standard to ensure proper fit and weldability.


A preferred combination in industrial piping systems

Both the EN 1092-1 flanges and the EN 10253-4 fittings are designed with compatible dimensions and tolerances.

This means that flanges according to the EN 1092-1 standard can be correctly installed on fittings that comply with the specifications of the EN 10253-4 standard.

The combination of EN 1092-1 and EN 10253-4 has become a preferred choice in industrial piping systems due to its proven track record, industry acceptance, and widespread availability. Engineers, designers, and installers rely on these standards to ensure the performance and longevity of their piping networks.