Industrial stairs UNP beams and grid steps - 138 3D STEP Files

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This product comprises several (zip) files available for download. Upon completion of your purchase, you'll promptly receive email links to access these files within minutes. There's no need to hurry; your files will remain accessible, allowing for multiple downloads at your convenience.

Once you download and unzip the files, you'll have a complete 3D CAD library right at your fingertips...

STEP files:

The files in this 3D CAD collection are stored in the STEP (.stp) file format.

STEP files store 3D geometry, as well as additional information such as product structure, tolerances, materials, and other metadata. They allow different CAD software systems to exchange information seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and interoperability between different design tools.


Here are some 3D CAD programs that work well with the STEP file format:

  1. Solidworks
  2. Autodesk Inventor
  3. Autodesk Fusion
  4. CATIA
  5. Siemens NX (formerly known as Unigraphics)
  6. PTC Creo (formerly known as Inigraphics)
  7. Solid Edge
  8. AutoCAD Mechanical
  9. FreeCAD
  10. Onshape

This 3D CAD library is also available in Autodesk Fusion (.f3d) file format

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Industrial Grid Stairs 3D CAD Library

The Industrial Grid Staircase 3D CAD Models Library is not just a resource—it's a game-changer for 3D CAD drafters. By providing unparalleled precision, visualization, collaboration, flexibility, and future-proofing capabilities, this library empowers drafters to elevate their designs to new heights of excellence.

So why settle for anything less? Unlock the potential of your designs today with the Industrial Grid Staircase 3D CAD Models Library and revolutionize your design process like never before.

About grid stairs

Grid stairs, crafted from UNP profiles and outfitted with grating steps, stand as stalwart examples of ingenuity and practicality across a myriad of applications. Their widespread adoption owes much to their adaptable nature, enduring resilience, and economical advantages, rendering them a favored choice across diverse industries and environments.

Examples of suitable applications:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Grid stairs are frequently used in industrial environments due to their robustness and durability. They provide safe access to elevated platforms, machinery, and storage spaces, while the open grid design helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and fluids, enhancing safety.

  2. Food Processing Industry: In food processing facilities, grid stairs offer a hygienic solution for vertical access. The open grid design prevents the accumulation of dirt and moisture, essential for compliance with food safety standards and regulations.

  3. Commercial Buildings: In commercial properties such as shopping malls and office buildings, grid stairs are popular for their modern appearance and functionality. The open design promotes good airflow and lighting, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use even in high-traffic areas.

  4. Transport and Logistics Hubs: Locations like airports, train stations, and distribution centers benefit from the efficient access provided by grid stairs to different levels. The open grid design prevents congestion and offers clear visibility, facilitating the flow of people and goods.

  5. Outdoor Environments: Grid stairs are ideal for outdoor applications like fire escapes, footbridges, and access points to public parks and recreational areas. Their open grid design allows rainwater and snow to pass through, reducing slip hazards and maintenance costs.

  6. Industrial Installations and Factories: Factories and manufacturing facilities often utilize grid stairs due to their resistance to heavy loads and chemical corrosion. The grid design ensures proper drainage, essential in environments where liquids are used or spilled.

  7. Heavy Industries: Sectors such as mining, oil and gas, and shipbuilding rely on grid stairs for sturdy and secure vertical access. The open grid design makes them suitable for use in high-temperature, corrosive, and rugged conditions.

  8. Public Infrastructure: Grid stairs are commonly employed in public infrastructure projects like bridges, viaducts, and pedestrian walkways. The open design minimizes wind resistance and provides a visually light appearance, while the robust construction ensures safe passage for pedestrians.

  9. Power Plants: In power plants and electricity generation facilities, grid stairs provide access to overhead piping, equipment, and control platforms. The open grid design minimizes fire hazards and provides a safe working environment for maintenance personnel.

  10. Construction Sites: Grid stairs find extensive use in construction sites for providing safe access to different levels of structures under construction. The open grid design allows for the efficient drainage of rainwater and debris, reducing the risk of slips and falls on-site. Additionally, their durability ensures longevity even in the challenging conditions typically encountered in construction environments.

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