Industrial Metal Valves DIN-EN Flanges - 1600 Fusion Files

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This product comprises several (zip) files available for download. Upon completion of your purchase, you'll promptly receive email links to access these files within minutes. There's no need to hurry; your files will remain accessible, allowing for multiple downloads at your convenience.

Once you download and unzip the files, you'll have a complete 3D CAD library right at your fingertips...

F3d files:

An .f3d file is a proprietary file format used by Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE platform for product design and engineering. Fusion 360 is used for creating 3D models, simulations, and manufacturing instructions.

Since .f3d files are proprietary to Fusion 360, they are primarily intended for use within the Fusion 360 ecosystem. However, Fusion 360 does support exporting designs to various standard formats for compatibility with other software applications.

Autodesk Fusion is very suitable for designing complex piping systems and only costs you 50 euros per month...

Industrial Valves 3D CAD Library


Discover the Ultimate 3D CAD Library for Industrial Valves and Control Valves

Are you in search of a comprehensive source of 3D models for industrial design and engineering? Look no further! Our 3D CAD library offers a treasure trove of 1600 detailed models of valves and control valves essential for various industrial applications. Whether you're working on projects in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries, or other sectors where fluid and gas valve equipment is crucial, we have everything you need to accelerate and enhance your design and engineering processes.

Here's an overview of the different types of valves available in our extensive library, along with their functions and applications:

Ball Valves:

  • Function: Ball valves provide quick, reliable, and straightforward operation for shutting off and regulating the flow of fluids and gases. They feature a spherical closure mechanism that is opened and closed by a quarter turn of the lever.
  • Applications: Ball valves are commonly used in applications where rapid open/close operation is required, such as in water and gas distribution, chemical processing, and HVAC systems.

Butterfly Valves:

  • Function: Butterfly valves offer a simple and efficient way to control the flow of fluids and gases. They feature a circular disc (the butterfly) that rotates to open or close the flow.
  • Applications: Butterfly valves are widely used in industrial processes where quick operation and low pressure drop are important, such as in water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, and HVAC systems.

Gate Valves:

  • Function: Gate valves provide linear shut-off of flow by moving a sliding plate (gate) up and down. They offer full flow opening for minimal pressure drop and are suitable for applications where complete shut-off is necessary.
  • Applications: Gate valves are commonly used in industrial applications such as steam systems, oil and gas pipelines, and chemical processing plants.

Globe Valves:

  • Function: Globe valves offer precise flow control by moving a disc (the valve) up and down against a seat. They provide good flow control and are suitable for applications where adjustability is important.
  • Applications: Globe valves are often used in steam systems, cooling water circuits, and process control systems.

Pressure Safety Valves:

  • Function: Pressure safety valves are used to automatically regulate pressure in a system by releasing excess pressure when it reaches a pre-set level. They protect equipment and systems from overpressure.
  • Applications: Pressure safety valves are used wherever pressure management is essential, such as in steam boilers, pressure vessels, and piping systems.

Sight Glasses:

  • Function: Sight glasses provide visual inspection of flow and levels of fluids in a system. They are transparent and can be used to monitor the condition and level of the fluid without needing to open the installation.
  • Applications: Sight glasses are used in a wide range of industries including chemical processing, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


  • Function: Strainers are used to remove solid particles from liquids or gases to prolong the life of valves and other equipment. They are essential for protecting sensitive equipment from clogging and wear.
  • Applications: Strainers are commonly used in process industries such as chemical processing, water treatment, and power generation.


With our extensive 3D CAD library, you have instant access to all these types of valves and more, making your design and engineering processes more efficient and effective. Save time, minimize errors, and bring your projects to market faster with our high-quality 3D models. Discover today what our library can do for your business!

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