BS4825_4 Hygienic Butterfly Valves IDF FxF (12 CAD Files)

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Butterfly valves with a female BS4825-4 IDF (International Dairy Federation) coupling connection on both sides.

This part is a combination of a hygienic butterfly valve, two liners and two nuts.


This is a commonly used combination in piping systems, especcially where high hygiene standards are required; such as dairy and food production lines.

A complete IDF coupling connection consists of a male part, a liner, a slip nut and a gasket.

The materials, dimensions and maximum roughness of IDF couplings are standardized in the BS4825-4 standard.

>> Learn more about IDF couplings


Available sizes in this 3D CAD collection

01 1" - open 07 1" - closed
02 1 1/2" - open 08 1 1/2" - closed
03 2" - open 09 2" - closed
04 2 1/2" - open 10 2 1/2" - closed
05 3" - open 11 3" -closed
06 4" - open 12 4" - closed



STEP (.stp) 3D CAD file format


The CAD files are saved in the STEP (.stp) file format. That is an export/import file format recognized by all solid modeling programs.
After importing a step file into your software program, you can save it in the format of your program.
This allows you to build your own 3D CAD library with parts made by different software programs.

Programs that work excellent together with step files include: Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Catia, Solid Edge.


Main dimensions according to the BS4825 part4 standard


Because the main dimensions are also laid down in the BS4825 standard, it was possible for us to make this 3D CAD collection. We only make 3D CAD models, we are not a fitting manufacturer or supplier. However, you can be sure that these 3D models have the same dimensions as the fittings "in real life".


High level of detail

We've put in as much detail as possible; our 3D models have a consistent quality.
Having these 3D files collections in your engineering toolbox, you can save a lot of time that you can use to improve your designs even more...


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BS4825_4 Hygienic Male Parts for IDF Unions (6 CAD Files) BS4825_4 Hygienic Male Parts for IDF Unions (6 CAD Files)
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BS4825_4 Hygienic Seal gaskets for IDF Unions (6 CAD Files) BS4825_4 Hygienic Seal gaskets for IDF Unions (6 CAD Files)
1.00 € *
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