Pressure Gauges (bar) CAD Library - 188 STEP files

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The product:

This product comprises one (zip) file available for download. Upon completion of your purchase, you'll promptly receive email links to access these files within minutes. There's no need to hurry; your files will remain accessible, allowing for multiple downloads at your convenience.

Once you download and unzip the files, you'll have a complete 3D CAD library right at your fingertips...

STEP files:

The files in this 3D CAD collection are stored in the STEP (.stp) file format.

STEP files store 3D geometry, as well as additional information such as product structure, tolerances, materials, and other metadata. They allow different CAD software systems to exchange information seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and interoperability between different design tools.


Here are some 3D CAD programs that work well with the STEP file format:

  1. Solidworks
  2. Autodesk Inventor
  3. Autodesk Fusion
  4. CATIA
  5. Siemens NX (formerly known as Unigraphics)
  6. PTC Creo (formerly known as Inigraphics)
  7. Solid Edge
  8. AutoCAD Mechanical
  9. FreeCAD
  10. Onshape

Pressure Gauges

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