BS4825_2 Hygienic Welding Bends 45° (8 CAD Files)

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British Standard

BS4825 Part 2

Welding Bends 45°

3D CAD Files


This is a full range collection premium quality 3D CAD models.

Made for (and made by) professional engineers.

The parts are fully dimensioned according to the British Standards for hygienic tubing systems (BS4825).


The BS 4825 part 2 specifications are standardized and designed for stainless steel welding bends, reducers and tees for food and dairy process systems. The fittings can also be used in other applications which provide premium quality hygienic fittings.

The standard specifies dimensions, tolerances, surface finish and materials requirements for use with stainless steel tubes specified in BS 4285 part 1.

In The United Kingdom the BS4825 standard is the leading standard for dairy and food processing systems.


Step file format

The download file is a single zip file, containing the entire diameter range in the STEP (.stp) file format.
Step files are compatible with all solid modeling 3D CAD programs such as:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • AutoCAD (3D)
  • Solidworks
  • Solid Edge
  • TurboCad



Available parts in this 3D CAD collection

01 1/2"
02 3/4"
03 1"
04 1 1/2"
05 2"
06 2 1/2"
07 3"
08 4"

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